Immune System Builders
for Increased Health and Energy

There are many natural immune system builders at your fingertips that have been known for a long time. There is nothing new about boosting your immune system through natural means within your control. They will help to improve your health and your ability to fight illness and feel more energetic.

Natural immune system builders may include a combination of nutrition, regular exercise, quality sleep, laughter, vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements. It is equally important to work at reducing stress levels in your life.

We have known for years and years that there are certain factors which can impair the immune system including smoking, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, aging, stress, lack of sleep and habits such as smoking.

Well, let's turn it around then to focus on what we CAN do to boost immune system function.

Start with my favorite two immune system builders, nutrition and regular exercise.

You may have heard the term "food as medicine". If you choose a balanced diet consisting of natural and clean foods, you will experience the long-term effects that nutrition can have on your immune system. Good nutrition is one of the natural immune system builders.

Certainly a steady and regular intake of necessary vitamins and minerals can be achieved by eating a well-balanced diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables. As long as a person is well-nourished, studies show that supplements are not necessary. It won't hurt though to take a multi-vitamin or other herbal supplements that are proven to boost immunities.

My advice? Eat foods that are "as close to the earth as possible". This just means that the more natural, the better. Foods that are processed and packaged are not the best choices. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fresh lean meats.

There are other specific foods that are known as immune system builders. Try these:

  • yogourt may enhance immune defences in the gut as they include "probiotics".
  • honey is known to have anti-oxidant properties.
  • garlic - studies have shown that garlic is antifungal, antitumor, eliminates parasites, lowers blood sugar, lowers harmful fat levels and eliminates artery clogging. VERY POWERFUL and delicious.
  • Essential fatty acids - eat foods or take supplements that contain omega-3 and omega-6 oils. They are known to reverse cancer,heart disease, and Type II diabetes.
  • WATER - drink lots of water as most people go through their day dehydrated. Dehydration can weaken the immune system. Water is necessary for life and it aids in digestion, helps you look and feel younger.
  • Green tea
  • Chili peppers and cayenne pepper
  • tomatoes
  • ginger
  • blueberries
  • and many, many more...
    I have experienced the benefits of regular moderate exercise for many, many years and through my own experience, I have known that exercise is like medicine. I rarely get sick and feel energetic and productive most of the time.

    If you are a person who regularly picks up a common cold, you will be happy to know that regular and consistent exercise is found to decrease your chances of catching a cold. Studies have shown that moderate exercise boosts the immune system and increases production of immune cells that attack bacteria.

    Regular moderate exercise is especially known to improve the immune system function over the long term. Ironically, too much exercise may decrease immune system function so be careful not to fall into the trap of over-training. People training for marathons or other extreme activities are susceptible to catching something for about 72 hours after exercising as intense exercise causes a temporary dip in immune system.

    There are many more benefits of exercise that you will experience. Get off the couch, put down the remote and start exercising today.

    I have a quick list of immune system boosters here.