Benefits to Living a Healthy Lifestyle and Tips to Get There...

A healthy lifestyle means understanding an array of factors that affect your overall wellness. Unfortunately, some of these, including age and genetics, are factors over which you have little or no control (at least not until science takes us in new and fascinating directions).

The good news is...

YOU DO HAVE CONTROL over many areas in your life.

YOU are responsible for your own health maintenance.

YOU have the choice and the power to sustain your health through:

  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Positive attitude

So have a look in the mirror...

  • Are you currently living a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you physically active?
  • Do you eat nutritious foods?
  • How are you managing the stress in your life?
  • Are you reaping the rewards that such a lifestyle has to offer?

  • If not, in which areas do you think you could improve?

    healthy lifestyle girl balance

    Through my experiences as an educator, parent, personal trainer and lifelong learner, I have experienced the remarkable benefits of making healthy choices. I want to share with you what I have learned including...

    • Benefits to exercise
    • Emotional and psychological benefits
    • Heart health
    • Anti-aging
    • Increased energy
    • Improvements in daily living

    And more...

    Once you understand the benefits, you will want to take control and learn some easy tips to improve your personal lifestyle. Look no further...

    You will find...

    • Types of fitness training and ways to get started
    • At home workouts
    • Healthy Eating (on a budget)
    • Motivation to exercise
    • Goal-setting

    And more...

    Top Benefits to Exercise and Keys to your Health
    Understand the physical, mental, psychological and emotional benefits to exercise and get motivated to be active, eat well and make healthy choices. Take control of your health today.
    Research-proven Mental Benefits of Exercise
    Mental benefits of exercise are proven through new brain studies that claim that regular exercise can promote brain function and learning. Applications for schools are tremendous.
    Top Psychological Benefits of Exercise
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    Types of Fitness Training
    What types of fitness training should you be doing? Depending on your goals, there are a variety of type of training. Find out what's right for you.
    Top Benefits of Strength Training are Extensive
    Strength training is a primary component of fitness programs. Benefits of strength training, expert tips to get fit fast and achieve fitness goals.
    Cardiovascular Exercises and Top Reasons to Be Active and Healthy
    Cardiovascular exercises are important to your healthy. Here are reasons to be physically active, how much activity is right for you and tips to achieve your fitness goals.
    Best Stretching Routine for Increased Flexibility
    Benefits of stretching routine and tips for making stretching a part of every day. Learn top reasons to include flexibility training as part of your workouts.
    Healthy Eating Guidelines and Top Benefits of Healthy Eating
    The benefits of healthy eating are limitless. Learn to create healthy eating habits, choose the most healthy and whole foods, and follow healthy eating guidelines to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
    Maintain a Healthy Weight - Expert Tips
    Reasons to maintain a healthy weight and tips to achieve your ideal healthy weight are included on this page. You can add years to your life by following these weight management tips.
    Why is Sleep Important? Sleep your way to better health...
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    How to Boost Immune System: An Easy Healthy Lifestyle Prescription
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    Calculating BMI Helps to Maintain Healthy Weight
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